Integrative Medicine Consultants

It is with great regret that we at Integrative Medicine Consultants inform you that we intend to close the practice as of December 15, 2015.

Please see the following three pages to download, print and mail in the request for your medical records.



Frankie Winegardner, PA-C, MPAS, CHTP

Katherine Broman, MD

507 Main Avenue

Clear Lake, IA 50428

Phone: 641-357-HEAL (4325)

Fax: 641-357-1295

The Integrative Medicine Wheel is a practical tool for introducing the concept of integrative medicine to health care practitioners and the lay public.† It graphically illustrates the spectrum of modalities comprised by the field of integrative medicine.† Itís purpose is to inspire dialog about treatment options for a given health condition, and complementary relationships among them.


William Collinge, Ph.D.

The Integrative Medicine Wheel

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